06 July 2010

Deployment vs. The Bed: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Originally I thought that it was the deployment that was giving me sleepless nights....now I'm more apt to believe it's the mattress. 

I go to bed,..I'm TIRED. I haven't slept well, since...well...months ago. I assume I'll be able to drift off to sleep automatically, but... I CAN'T get comfortable!! It's driving me insane! I toss and turn and flip-flop all over the bed. I move from my pillow to Jeremy's pillow. I flip my pillows. I turn the fan so it's blowing directly on me. NOTHING WORKS! 

Normally, (pre-deployment) when I change the sheets, I sleep like a coma patient. But now, even changing the sheets does nothing for me. I still can't get my brain to turn off and I can't get comfortable. hahaha

I'm tempted to throw the mattress off the front porch and just buy a new one. It's gotta be the mattress. are you sure?

I'm stronger than this deployment. right....

It's the mattress and that's what I'm telling Jeremy when he sees the bill....

great...now you're crying....

Stupid mattress! Mind your own business!
nah nah nah nah boo boo....

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Keely said...

I hate when my mattress gives me sass. Hope you get proper sleep soon!

Mowenackie said...

I have the deployment-sleep issue, too. It can be a real bummer!


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