09 July 2010

He had a bad day again...

but he knew that I would understand...sort of.
 I got a call from Jeremy a few days ago. I asked him the prerequisite, "How was your day?" and he said that it sucked. Of course. Most of his days do suck. Can you imagine? I can't.

I asked him what happened and this is how our conversation went:

Jeremy: "I was almost on my way to the hospital in Germany and then on my way home."
Me: "What?!?!? What do you mean you were almost on your way to the hospital? Are you ok?"
Jeremy: "Yeah. I almost got crushed by some storage containers."
Me: "How did that happen?" I'm having to press him to tell me what happened. It's like pulling teeth!
Jeremy: "I was taking a nap on a flat-bed after we off-loaded some aircraft from one of the planes..."
Me: "Wait, what? You were taking aircraft off of another aircraft?"
Jeremy: "Yeah...so anyways..."
Me: "I don't get it..."
Jeremy: "Get what?"
Me: "They don't just fly the helicopters over there?"
Jeremy: "No. They put them in a plane and fly them over. They don't have enough room in their tanks to hold that much fuel."
Me: "Ohhhh. Ok."
Jeremy: "So anyways, I was taking a nap in between off-loading and I was laying on a flat-bed next to the empty containers. I didn't know that there was a C-5 on the other side of the containers..."
Me: Googles C-5..."Uh-huh."
Jeremy: "So I thought it was a good place to take a nap and the next thing I know it's thrusting it's engine and the wind coming off of it pushes the containers into me and knocks me off of.."
Me: "It pushes you off?? How did it do that??"
Jeremy: "It's really powerful, it's a big-a** plane."
Me: "Oh...ok. Go on."
Jeremy: "So the containers push me off of the flat-bed and I have to roll under it to keep from getting crushed by the containers."
Me: "CRUSHED?! ARE YOU OK????!?!?!?"
Jeremy: "I'm fine."
Jeremy: "Not really. I'm fine."
Me: "You just said you were almost crushed!"
Jeremy: "But even if it had hit me I would've been ok. I just had to make sure I rolled under the flat-bed instead of away from it. Then, I might've gotten hit by the containers."
Me:.................breathing deeply
Jeremy: "You still there?"
Me: "I'm here. You're sure you're ok?"
Jeremy: "Yep. I'm fine."
Me: "Only you would be excited about almost being crushed so you could come home..."
Jeremy: laughing..."Yeah. But I gotta go. I haven't eaten today. I gotta try to get something to eat before the chow hall closes."
Me: "It's really late, you haven't eaten all day?"
Jeremy: "Not really. They woke me up 3 hours before I was scheduled to work so we could have 'mandatory fun' and eat steak."
Me: "What's wrong with 'mandatory fun'? And you got a free steak!"
Jeremy: "I hate mandatory fun and I had to get up 3 hours early. I wanted to sleep. All I've had today is a Monster energy drink, then a coke, then another Monster drink and a white-chocolate Mocha. Oh, and I finished off part of a Sprite and had some water."
Me: "I don't think all those energy drinks and coffee are good for you. Especially since you haven't eaten."
Jeremy: "Yeah. So I gotta go eat something. Every time I had time to go eat, the chow hall was closed. And they closed all the restaurants except Subway and it's on the other side of the FOB."
Me: "I'm sorry, that's not fair. Well, go get something to eat then. I love you and I'll talk to you later. Be more careful!!"
Jeremy: "K. Love you too. Bye Baby."

We both hang up.


I don't think it's very fair that he can only get something to eat at certain times of the day. Especially since he works a different shift than most of the other people on his FOB. 

And now I have to worry about him getting crushed by cargo containers. Good grief. As if I don't already worry enough.

Oh, and get this..several months ago he got hurt and somehow I felt like it was my fault...

I don't get a call from Jeremy all day and then finally around midnight our time, he calls. I asked him why he didn't get to call all day and this is our conversation:

Jeremy: "Because I got hurt."
Me: "You got hurt?" breathing slowly
Jeremy: "Yeah. I was trying to call you but I ran out of minutes. So I went and bought some more and while I was trying to put the minutes into the phone...I walkedintoanaircraft......"
Me: "You did what?"
Jeremy: "Iwalkedintoanaircraft........"
Me: "I can't hear you. Do you have reception? Can you speak up?"
Jeremy: "I walked into an aircraft."
Me: "Are you ok???!?!?!? How did you do that??"
Jeremy: "Like I said, I was trying to put minutes into my phone and I wasn't looking where I was going and walked into the back of a Blackhawk..."
Me: trying not to laugh because it's really not that funny. "Are you ok?"
Jeremy: "Yeah, I had to have a few stitches, but I'm ok."
Me: "Good grief. How do you NOT see that HUGE helicopter?"
Jeremy: "I don't know. I was thinking about trying to call you...I wasn't paying attention. Same thing happened to someone else a few days ago."
Me: "Seriously?"
Jeremy: "Yeah...the blackhawk is like, right on the walkway."
Me: shaking my head...."Does the military not have any common sense? Don't answer that..."

Here's a pic of him on Skype a few days after that conversation:
  See his boo-boo? :(
I really pray he doesn't get hurt any more. Or almost hurt. Send some prayers his way please.  
See? He loves me! :)  
(I think this was in Ft. Sill...not sure now.)


Jill said...

I'm so glad you shared these conversations! Deployment conversations are so weird - they totally set us apart from civilian couples. Glad he's ok... those naps can be dangerous.

Whitney said...

Yes, they can. lol.
I totally need to post the convo we had yesterday. lol....it lasted like, 30 seconds. Pitiful.

Thanks for reading my blog! :)
Love yours!

Jingle said...


Happy Wednesday!


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