15 July 2010


Today my Mom and I took my sister, Amanda to her doctor appointment @ the hospital. After a regular check-up by the doctor, we headed up to the Labor/Delivery floor so she could have a stress test done. After they got her all hooked up to the monitors and we could hear the baby's heartbeat, the nurse left the room. 

All three of us pulled out our books. (Amanda is reading New Moon by Stephenie Meyer, Mom is reading U is for Undertow by Sue Grafton and I'm reading As I Lay Dying  by William Faulkner--I know, I know..I'm so cultured.)

We all start reading and Mom asks me if I saw the wreath project she printed off from Kraft. I told her I saw it. Amanda says "Shhhh!". We all start giggling. Then I go back to reading my book and Mom keeps talking about the crafty thingy, so I just look at her and Amanda is making the annoyed face that we all do. So Mom finishes what she's saying and Amanda tries to start reading but I keep laughing at the faces she's making. Mom asks her why she doesn't just keep reading, and is it because she's being nosy. Amanda says no, she just can't concentrate while we're talking. So we all start reading again and then we burst out giggling. (It really is hilarious to us.)

Amanda says, "When the nurse walks in, she's going to think this is a library. We should all say 'Shhhhh' when she walks in."

So we start practicing our "Shhhh"-ing. Mom says, "I'm going to be upset with y'all if I'm the only one who does it."

Amanda says something like, "Just my luck I'll have my book down when she comes in." And sure enough, the nurse walks in and Mom says, "Shhhhhhhhhhh..........". 

It was hilarious. It was all I could do to keep from bursting out laughing. Even though I was in a grumpy mood today, they put up with me...(of course there was griping involoved, Amanda is pregnant you know...)and they cracked me up!

We also discussed playing practical jokes on the nurses if we were pregnant...it included beer, narcotics and other crazy stuff I won't mention. Just beware if you're one of our nurses in the future. ;)

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Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

Y'all crack me UP! Can't wait to hear the news and see pics of the new baby! I know y'all are excited.


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