03 July 2010

This Saturday...

was uneventful. Yesterday, I finished one scrapbook page and started planning the second. The finished result...

Then, Mom and I went to church at OneEighty and listened to the band play. Afterwards there were fireworks! :) It was a lot of fun. Except for the bugs which are always attracted to me....Mom and Jeremy say it's because I'm sweet! :P

 The fireworks were so beautiful! I can hardly wait for tomorrow night. We're going to Thunder on the Mountain. Or as Jeremy and I have both accidentally called it, "Fire on the Mountain". LOL. 

 But today, all I did was watch the last 20 minutes of My Best Friend's Wedding and Run-Away Bride. :) Two of my favorite Julia Roberts movies and afterwards, I scrapbooked! I finished the page I started planning yesterday.

 And then I almost finished a new one. This one took me several hours to make. I had to paint some of the paper, find different embellishments to add to it, and layout the design over and over again until it fit the way I wanted, before I attached anything to the base paper. It was a lot of work, but I am really pleased with the outcome! 

 The only thing that isn't attached is our last name at the top. :P My back was killing me after sitting hunched over it for hours! But I still love scrapbooking! Now I just need to print off a few thousand more pics...

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